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~ Send us your story.  If you have had a bad experience with smoking on cruise ships, let us know.  Please send us an email at info@SmokeFreeCruises.net.  We want to know if you think it is getting better, or worse.~  Thank you for the many smoke experiences our readers have sent us.  Keep them coming.  ( The emails we get still show that many ships are not enforcing their smoking rules )


  Welcome to a site that does not advocate smoking anywhere or by anybody.  It is hard to figure out how most people can afford to smoke and buy cigarettes today.  We were recently in Hawaii and the cost for a pack of smokes was running close to $9.00 a pack.  Wow.  Everyday more and more venues and public places become non-smoking and that is very Good News.  We want to Welcome you to SmokeFreeCruises.net.  This website will allow you to find some of the smoking policies, or non-smoking policies of most of the major cruise lines that work with the American public.  There are no actual 'smoke free' cruise ships as we write this.  The cruise lines have all implemented some type of non-smoking policies within their fleets and we are here to help you find what those smoking or non-smoking policies are.  Please click on the cruise line links above to find the latest smoking policy for each individual cruise line company.  Some of these policies can be quite vague and ambiguous. This information is coming from the cruise lines and their websites.   We just updated the smoking policy for Silversea Alaskan Cruises and they have some real changes that went into effect on January 1, 2013.  Check it out.  Also, thank you to the many readers that have sent in testimonials from their cruise voyages and what was happening regarding smoking.  To say the least, it is still REAL BAD onboard most ships.

The cruise lines make money from passengers that smoke.  Yes, the cruise lines find that when people smoke, they also like to drink more.  On most ships, other than the all inclusive luxury brands, people have to buy their drinks and they can be quite expensive.   This is a rather disgusting mentality and capitalism at its worse, but, the cruise lines are in business to make money.   Most of the cruise lines have policies where the restaurants, public rooms like the theaters and other facilities onboard are non-smoking.  All in all, the cruise lines are not user friendly for non-smokers.

Several of the cruise lines also have a non-smoking policy for their cabins or staterooms and even their verandas and balconies.  The threat of fire on a ship is very real and a Princess ship caught fire from ashes being flicked off a balcony several years ago.  The damage was quite substantial as you can see from the photos below.   A fire burned on the Star Princess that was en route to Montego Bay from Grand Cayman on March 23rd, 2006.  The fire raced through 157 cabins between decks 8 and 10 causing 11 persons injury and one person died as a probable indirect cause of the fire.  The fire started in the passenger cabins and spread quickly to adjacent cabins.  Some say that the first was started by smoking in one of the passengers cabins or balconies.  Whatever the cause, you do not want a cruise ship catching fire while at sea.  The loss of life and possessions is just to great.

Smoke Free Cruises showing the fire on Princess ship

The news and search results is full of articles and stories of cruise ships worldwide that have had fires and other problems when people smoke.  The cruise lines have made some great strides in helping those of us that do not smoke to be safe guarded from smoke and the people that actively smoke.  Making a room half smoke-free and the other half smoking does not cut it.

Once, while enjoying a flight on a Korean Air 747 from LAX to Seoul we were in the non-smoking section of first class.  The airline personnel had warned us that the flight was a smoking flight, but, we were in non-smoking section.  Once we took off, the right side of the cabin started smoking and the left side of the cabin, the non-smoking side, suffered for 14 hours.  It seems that die hard smokers know which flights are smoking and we had a couple from Miami across the isle and she smoked one cigarette after another for 14 hours.  Well this is not related to smoking on cruises, although we were on our way to Hong Kong to catch a cruise.

Smoking is a killer and most people that do not smoke do not want to be by second hand smoke.  If we did, we would smoke.  Society has taken some major steps in the last few years to combat second hand smoke, but, sadly not enough is being done.  The traveling public is much better off today than ten years ago, but, we can do better.  Smoking has been proved to kill, cause cancer, birth defects and many more health related issues.  Yet, smoking is still legal, why?   Because of the money it generates for the lawmakers who regulate the industry.  Too much money from tobacco is flowing into our lawmakers pockets.  Sounds like a bad deal for the average person working for a living and not wanting to die from tobacco.

Star Princess Cruise ship fire 2006

The traveling public and now the cruising public demand that they breath fresh air if we choose.  Not all cruise passengers are non smokers, but, quite a few are.  The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing travel and vacation industry worldwide.  The numbers of people booking cruises is growing each and every year.  Some of the most popular cruises today are the 7 Day Mediterranean Cruise voyages.  The fun and excitement of taking a cruise with your family and friends is one of the reasons cruising is so popular. 

The cruise lines are ordering huge ships to fill the future demand as they see it.  Many of these new ships will hold over 5,000 passengers plus the crew and staff.  They are like small cities that will float from port to port.  Some of the luxury cruise lines are ordering smaller ships that will hold in the 700 passenger range.  We know for certain that the cruise lines will do what ever they need to do to fill these ships when they launch.  For some of the best cruise information for the upcoming 2016 season and year for Cruises 2016 and beyond.  At some point in the future we can only hope that a cruise line will dedicate a complete ship for non-smokers.  It has worked with the airlines and it can work with the cruise lines.

This website may help you find each cruise lines smoking policies, if they have one. If you want to find out more about sub ohm tank or best vape starter kit we will try to update the information as we can.  It is very important for the cruising public to know what their choices are when they cruise.  If some cruise lines have strict non-smoking policies aCarnival Cruise ship fire on the Carnival Ecstasynd another is real relaxed, a true non-smoker may want to book the cruise line that safeguards their passengers heath from second hand smoke.   Some of the luxury cruise ships will allow the cigar smokers plenty of room within the lounge areas and these will be contained rooms.  The luxury cruise lines like Silversea cruise and Regent Alaskan cruises have very strict smoking rules and regulations, this is also true about Regent cruises and their ships.  You will find that most cruise lines still allow cigar smoking also.  Most of them try to contain the cigar smokers to a brandy bar or cigar room that is well ventilated and protects the other passengers from the foul smell of cigars.  I do not like to smell any smoke when I am on holiday.  Smoke seems to be one of the major irritants from people I speak with about what they do not like about taking a cruise.  I have taken many cruises and most of them have been 100% great without any issues or situations.  Then I have taken a couple that were just awful and irritating because of too many smokers, both cigarettes and cigars.  Some future cruise voyages could be totally smoke free but we will have to wait and see how the cruise lines deal with this issue.  Windstar Cruises 2016 voyages and sail dates are now ready for your planning.  Looking forward you can find some outstanding cruise sailings at cruises 2016 showing sailings and itineraries.  You can also find some other Princess Cruises 2016 voyages when you check with this site.  In my opinion, cigars and their owner's need to be removed from the ship immediately if they smoke on board in any place that is not designated for foul smelling cigars.  For family fun consider Family Cruises 2016 and let the fun begin today or view other 2016 Cruises voyages and sailings.

On a good note, Fred Olsen cruises has installed a new smoking policy as stated below:

Smoking Policy

From 01 January 2009 Fred Olsen Cruise Lines introduced a non-smoking policy in all inside areas. Smoking will only be permitted on cabin balconies and on designated open deck areas. This will apply from each vessels first full cruise in 2009, with the exception of Black Watch and Balmoral where it will apply once they have returned from their respective world cruises.

In the interim period on Black Watch smoking is permitted in the Observatory (starboard side), Lido Lounge (starboard side) and Pipers Bar. On Balmoral smoking is permitted in the Observatory (starboard side, rear) and Lido Bar (port side).

Fred Olsen cruise ships are very popular with European and savvy travelers worldwide and every ship that reduces second hand smoke it a good ship for the non-smokers.  Hurray!  If you have any updated or new information regarding non-smoking policies on major cruise lines, please email us the link for verification.



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