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  Crystal Cruise Lines Smoking policies for their ships.  We will try to provide what Crystal Cruise lines offers their passengers regarding their smoking and non-smoking policies for their ships and fleet.


Smoking Policy

At Crystal Cruises, we recognize that some of our guests smoke and others do not. Therefore, the living environment on our ships is designed to satisfy everyone. Most areas of the ships are non-smoking. There are designated smoking and non-smoking tables in most bars and lounges (except The Bistro, inside the Lido Café, the Crystal Dining Room, Prego, Silk Road and The Sushi Bar restaurants, and the Galaxy Lounge, which are entirely smoke-free). Pipes and cigars are permitted only in the Connoisseur Club, and on the "open decks," except all areas of Lido Deck (deck 11 on Crystal Symphony, and deck 12 on Crystal Serenity). Pipes and cigars may not be smoked in guest Penthouses, staterooms, on verandahs or in corridors. Crystal Cruises kindly asks its guests to observe the non-smoking areas, which have been created for the comfort and enjoyment of everyone on board.

Please note: Smoking is no longer allowed in Starlite Club (aboard Crystal Symphony) OR on verandahs of all staterooms and suites aboard both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. Smoking is permitted in select public areas, as designated above.

Some other information we found online regarding Crystal's smoking policies:

January 08, 2008

Crystal Cruises Imposes Stricter Smoking Policy

LOS ANGELES, January 8, 2008 - Beginning in May, Crystal Cruises is prohibiting smoking on verandahs of all staterooms and suites aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity.

In keeping with lifestyle trends, most areas of Crystal ships have been non-smoking for several years, including restaurants and the main entertainment lounges. Non-smoking areas dominate most bars and lounges, although there are some tables that permit smoking. Cigarette smoking is permitted in private accommodations, although pipe-smoking and cigars are only permitted in the Connoisseur Club and most open decks.

"The majority of our guests are non-smoking, and travelers are used to more non-smoking environments today," says Gregg Michel, Crystal Cruises' president. "We respect that smoking is a personal lifestyle decision but there is growing discomfort from non-smokers about verandah smoke negatively impacting the enjoyment of their personal outdoor living space."

As with the current policy, guests who do not observe the non-smoking policy will first be asked to comply. Failure to do so can result in a guest being asked to leave the ship at his/her own expense.

The new smoking policy took effect with the May 7, 2008 London-to-Rome cruise on Crystal Serenity and the May 25, 2008 Athens-to-London cruise on Crystal Symphony.  If you want up to date information on new sailings and cruise voyages for Crystal Cruises 2017, then please check out this site.  Enjoy Crystal Family Cruises voyage and itineraries for the upcoming cruise seasons including Crystal Cruises 2016, just for you and your family.  Smokeless and smoke free cruise areas for your Crystal Cruise.