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  Princess Cruise Lines Smoking policies for their ships while on board. Princess Cruise lines smoking policy is really hard to tack down.  We looked at their website and chat boards to find the info we have, which is not a lot.  We did receive a nice email from Cathy G. on June 8, 2010 and she gave us the following information regarding her Princess experiences:
The smoking policy is not uniform on Princess ships. We sailed in Alaska on two different cruises during June 2009. We sailed on the Island Princess and the Coral Princess. They both had very restrictive smoking policies. None was allowed in the staterooms but was allowed on the balconies. Also the ONLY place inside the ship besides the casino was a room that was designated as the smoking room. It was lined with wingback chairs and air purifiers. It was an absolute pleasure for a non smoker to travel on these two ships. The open decks allowed smoking only on one side as is so common now days.

We sailed on the Golden Princess in January 2010. Smoking was allowed in more areas of the ship but one lounge was designated as a smoking room. However it was very disappointing that they would leave the doors to the lounge open so that the smoke could travel out into the hallways and people had to walk through it going to the theater. Very disgusting!

Smoke - Free Dining

To enhance your dining experience, we have established a smoke-free dining policy. For your convenience, we offer other smoking areas throughout the ship.


To achieve maximum comfort for our players we do not permit cigar or pipe smoking in the casino.

Princess allows smoking in your cabin and on your veranda. The port side of most bars and all open decks. There is also a smoking lounge, Churchill's, just aft of the theater. Enjoy your cruise!

This is from the Princess web site:


- Everyone at Princess is committed to ensuring you have a great time on your cruise. So, to preserve a relaxed and friendly atmosphere onboard, we ask that you observe a few guidelines.

- When formal nights are held, please observe the dress code in the Traditional Dining and Anytime Dining venues for the enjoyment of all our guests. For details regarding this, please see the section entitled: ONBOARD ATTIRE.

- Smoking is not allowed in the dining rooms, or any other food service area, or in the show lounges and theaters. Smoking is permitted in staterooms, stateroom balconies, and designated areas. As a courtesy to your fellow passengers, please refrain from smoking pipes and cigars in all public rooms.

If you have any further information regarding Princess Cruise lines smoking or no smoking policies email them to us with a link for verification.  For information regarding Princess Cruises 2016 you may want to visit this site for the latest published cruise fares and itineraries.